New “G-SHOCK” Watch with Advanced “TRIPLE G RESIST” Construction by Casio

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced that it will release its latest G-SHOCK watch with an aviation concept, the shock-resistant “GW-4000” on November 30, 2011.

This aviation concept line from G-SHOCK was first introduced in February, 2010 and is designed to defy high g-forces up to 15G, higher than the maximum level of constant acceleration testing standard for aircraft instruments (ISO2669). Since its launch, the line has quickly earned a reputation for its outstanding toughness and unique face design.

Features of the new “GW-4000” watch include Triple G Resist. The watch is constructed with an unbeatable toughness that includes new vibration durability in addition to shock-resistance and centrifugal g-force-resistance.

It is also capable of withstanding vibrations of up to 20G. This has been achieved through the use of gel-like materials positioned around and behind the module in order to reduce shocks more than ever before, Casio said.

Casio's New “G-SHOCK” watch has a large face which provides the look and readability of an aircraft’s instrument panels by introducing a three-dimensional index.
Additionally, it has a sturdy solar-powered system for solar-charging, as well as a Multi-Band 6 radio-controlled system for receiving time-calibrated signals transmitted over wide areas from six stations around the world (two in Japan, and one each in China, the US, Germany and the UK).

The new models will be priced at 40,000 yen (before tax), according to Casio.

Photo: Model GW-4000-1AJF

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