Japan Adopts More Financial Sanctions on Syria

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Japan has expanded its financial sanctions against Syria to increase pressure on the government of President Bashar al-Assad and "to contribute to the international efforts for international peace."

Under the expanded sanctions approved by the Japanese Cabinet on Thursday, Japan will freeze the assets of an additional 3 individuals and 6 entities bringing the total to 18 individuals, including Assad, his family and senior government officials, and 12 government organizations.

Japan's decision to intensify its sanctions is to adhere to the US and European Union initiatives and their own sanctions against Syria, a statement by the Foreign Ministry said in Tokyo.

In October, the UN Security Council took a vote which could have imposed international sanctions against Syria but Russia and China vetoed the resolution eliciting anger from Europe and the US and the violence in Syria has continued - the country’s reported crackdown on anti-government protestors since March is estimated to have left more than 5,000 dead,

The new measures, adopted under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, requires a license system for payments to the individuals and entities designated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Notice, and for capital transactions (i.e., contract of money deposit, trust, and loans.)

The three Individuals that were targeted in the new sanctions are Hassan Jamil, Head of Syrian Air Force Intelligence, Makhlouf Mohammed Businessman, Father of Makhlouf Rami, and Aslan Aous, Head of Battalion in the Republican Guard.

The six Entities sanctioned are Syriatel, Cham Holding, Military Housing Establishment, Real Estate Bank, Scientific Studies and Research Center, Political Security Directorate.

Photo: Japanese ambassador to Syria, Mr. Suzuki, meeting with president Assad- PanOrient News archive photo.

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