Japanese Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs to Attend ``Friends of Syria`` Meeting

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) The Japanese government has decided to dispatch Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs, Ryuji Yamane to Tunisia to participate in a “Friends of Syria” meeting on February 24, said a statement by Japanese Foreign Ministry.

The meeting will discuss how to respond to the humanitarian crises that have arisen due to the political unrest in Syria, and how to provide assistance, and to support the dissidents, according to the statement.

The statement noted that Syria has been facing anti-government demonstrations since March 2011, and the number of refugees and displaced persons is mounting along with a large number of casualties from clashes with security forces over the last 11 months.

In some cities such as Homs, fighting has intensified. The United Nations have said that the death toll is rapidly increasing and up to January placed the number of deaths at more than 5,400, the statement said.

The“Friends of Syria” gather tomorrow (Friday Feb. 24) in Tunisia to seek ways to oust President Bashar al- Assad, who has clung to his seat with increasing violence against civilian opponents after two failed UN Security Council measures.

The meeting is reportedly drawing foreign ministers and other officials from about 80 nations.

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