The Sunrise Party of Japan Mulls Conservative Alliances

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SPJ Poster

Tokyo -- The Sunrise Party of Japan, which at its inception last month described itself as an "anti-DPJ, non-LDP" political force, is mulling a consolidation of conservative forces that can give it more weight in national politics.

Party Co-Leader Takeo Hiranuma told a television audience today that he would like to cooperate as much as possible with The Spirit of Japan Party, an ideologically-similar party led by conservative regional politicians.

Hiranuma indicated that it was even possible that the two parties could merge after the House of Councillors elections in July.

Also today, The Sunrise Party of Japan formally announced three candidates for the upcoming elections, including 74-year-old Toranosuke Katayama, a former heavyweight politician in the LDP who lost his Diet seat in 2007.

The LDP had declined Katayama's request to run again under their ticket due to his advanced age and so he turned to the Sunrise Party as a last resort.

It is reported that not all members of the Sunrise Party are keen on Katayama's candidacy, since it underlines the public perception that it is merely a party of elderly LDP castaways.

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