Egyptian Revolution Leaders to ``Support Palestinian Resistance against Israel``

Monday, February 14, 2011

Cairo- (PanOrient News) The people's revolution in Egypt has restored the country's natural status as a great sister country in the Arab world that should support the Palestinian resistance rather than befriend the enemy, Saad Abboud, member of Al-Karama party said.

Abboud told the Al-Alam news channel that Egypt today is not the same as yesterday, as it is back to having its security united with that of the Arab world.

The Dignity Party (Hizb al-Karama), a left-leaning Nasserist Party, was founded in 1996. It opposes Western "interference" in Egyptian affairs. It has denounced former President Mubarak's government "for monopolizing political power and restricting activities of opposition groups."

Saad Abboud stressed that Egypt's real role "is to provide support, including weapons, to the Palestinian people to defend themselves against the Israeli occupation, and not to establish a friendship with the enemy as the Mubarak regime had done."

Earlier, the supreme council of Egypt's armed forces, the country's ruling military, said in a statement on Saturday, following the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak amid massive antigovernment protests, that Egypt will abide by all international treaties including the 1979 peace accord with Israel.

Israel welcomed this statement, but the general feeling there seems to be concerned with possible change in the Egyptian stance toward Camp David treaty, observers said.

Tariq Khuli, one of the leaders of April 6 Movement said he and others are against Camp David and oppose maintaining relations with Israel. "The next president in Egypt will be elected democratically by the Egyptian people. The president will not challenge the will of Egyptians, who are supporting Palestinians against Israel," Khuli told Al-Alam TV Sunday.

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