``Inner-Mongolians`` in Tokyo Call for Independence

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tokyo-(PanOrient News) About 200 protestors from Southern Mongolia (Inner Mongolia) marched in Tokyo on Saturday calling for the independence of their region from China, and demanding that Beijing stop the oppression of their people.

The demonstration, held around Shinjuku Station, was organized by the "Mongolian Liberal Union Party" and other organizations including the Japanese "Ganbare! Nippon", whose chairman is Toshihiko Tamogami, former Chief of the Air Self Defense Force.

"Inner Mongolia" is an autonomous region of the People's Republic of China, located in the northern region of the country spanning about 1,200,000 km² (463,000 sq mi) or 12% of China's total land area. It shares an international border with Mongolia and Russia. Its capital is Hohhot.

Participants carried blue flags of Inner Mongolia, and held placards saying "Do not allow China to invade Asian courtiers" and "freedom for Southern Mongolia". They shouted from loud speakers "we do not allow oppression of human rights".

Japanese protestors vented against China with slogans such as "the next target of China is Okinawa", and "China is an enemy to peace".

Mr. Olhund Daichin, the secretary general for the Mongolian Liberal Union Party, told PanOrient News that they were protesting to highlight the fact that they have been under Chinese occupation for about 63 years. "My people have continued to be suppressed with bloodshed, and destruction by China. Now is the time to let people in the world know about these facts", he said.

He stressed that there is no reason to fear the power of China, including its nuclear weapons, in their fight for freedom. "The power of China is perceived from their invasion of other countries such as South Mongolia, Uyghur, and Tibet," he said.

"I don't think we should be afraid of China because it has nuclear weapons.”

Increasingly, Mongolian people are giving attention to this issue, he said emphasizing that "our focus is not on the urgent issue of how to stop the oppression by Chinese regime against our Mongolians ethnic people there". To fight for freedom and democracy, which are universal values, gives us great power and hope".

The Mongolian government officially does not protest to China about the treatment of ethic Mongolians, nor show plans to retake this region, Mr. Olhund said, noting that economic interests from China are very important for the Mongolian government to sacrifice their people at the moment.

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