Japanese Population Declines 73,000 Last Year

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Tokyo -- New data offered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications shows that the natural decline of the Japanese population was 73,024 in the year to March 31.

Unlike the previous two years, the net number of Japanese returnees from overseas did not fully offset the natural decline, so the overall population of the Japanese archipelago dropped by an estimated 18,323.

The population of Japan is now estimated at 127,057,860 and is expected to continue falling.

The number of deaths during the last fiscal year amounted to a record 1,146,105. (The reason that the number of deaths is rising is due to the aging of the population.) The number of births came to 1,073,081, one of the lowest figures on record.

Just to give a sense what this means for Japanese society, last year's figure for the total number of births is roughly equal to the number of Japanese estimated to have received treatment for depression in 2008.

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