Japan Welcomes Fall of Last ISIL Stronghold in Syria

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) The Japanese government embraced reports that the final territory held by ISIL in Syria had been liberated in a statement released Monday.

Calling the news “an important step for peace and stability in Syria,” the statement by Foreign Press Secretary Takeshi Osuga added that Japan “appreciates the courageous efforts of the global coalition.”

Although the last stronghold in the country fell on Saturday, the extremist group still reportedly has tens of thousands of members and hasn’t stopped carrying out attacks. Additionally, the country continues to face a humanitarian crisis from the civil war.

“Even though all ISIL territories have been liberated, fight against extremism continues and the serious humanitarian crisis remains as a huge number of refugees and internally displaced persons are still suffering,” said the statement. At the start of this month, Japan donated $13 million in aid for people displaced by conflict in the country.

The statement further called for the advancement of the political process in Syria in accordance with terms laid out by the U.N. and encouraged concerned parties to continue to provide humanitarian aid for Syrians living both in and out of Syria.

“Japan is determined to encourage parties concerned to make further efforts to restore peace and stability in Syria,” said the statement.

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