Sudanese in Tokyo Call on Japan to Help Restore Peace in Their Country

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) The Sudanese community in Tokyo took to the streets on Sunday to protest against the deadly attacks on protesters by the Transitional Military Council in Sudan and called on Japan to help their cause.

A group of about 60 Sudanese activists, scholars and professionals who are residing in Japan came with their families to show solidarity with their fellow Sudanese against the current regime. They gathered near the United Nations University Headquarters in Tokyo.

A statement in Arabic, English and Japanese was read, which called on Japan to support more investigations into the attacks, including the establishment of an international fact-finding committee to identify exactly who ordered them.

Azhari Ahmed

The statement also asked for Japan’s support in calling off the planned, “factitious” elections by the Transitional Military Council, instead leaving elections up to a civilian government. It additionally requested the release of detainees and the unblocking of internet services so that the international community can “understand the magnitude of the heinous crimes” committed against protesters.

Mr. Azhari Ahmed, a prominent Sudanese resident of Japan, told PanOrient News that his countrymen are united in Japan against the current military government and hope that Tokyo will support the restoration of peace in Sudan.

Faisal al Sheikh

ِMr. Faisal al Sheikh, an activist in the Sudanese community, called on Japan to help diffuse the dispute in Sudan. He told PanOrient News that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe went to Iran to diffuse the tension between Iran and the U.S. out of Japan’s concern that stability and security of the Middle East is vital to the economy of Japan.

He said that Sudan is now in a critical situation and he would like Japan to intervene to try to diffuse the dispute and help the Sudanese form a civilian government and achieve peace and stability in the whole region. (PanOrient News)

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