Japan Very Concerned About Iran Enriching Uranium, Breaking Nuclear Deal

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Tokyo – (PanOrient News) Japan announced that it was “strongly concerned” about Iran’s decision to restart uranium enrichment activities at the Fordow facility, a move that breaks from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed by Iran and a group of world powers in 2015.

“We are strongly concerned about Iran’s continued reduction of its commitment under the JCPOA including this time’s announcement,” said the statement by Press Secretary Masato Ohtaka. “Japan once again strongly urges Iran to comply with the JCPOA, to immediately return to its commitment under the JCPOA and to refrain from further measures that may undermine the JCPOA.”

Along with Iran, the nuclear deal was originally signed by the U.S., U.K., Russia, France, China and Germany. It required Iran to greatly limit its nuclear activities, including banning enrichment at its underground Fordow facility until 2031, in exchange for the lifting of sanctions against the country.

However, the U.S. left the deal in 2018 and re-imposed sanctions, dealing a blow to Iran’s economy. Iran began violating other aspects of the deal this summer, including caps on enriched uranium, and began enriching uranium at Fordow this month.

Japan says it backs the nuclear deal, which it says strengthens the non-proliferation regime and stability in the Middle East. In the statement, it called on Iran to fully cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is responsible for monitoring Iran’s nuclear activity, in accordance with all its nuclear obligations.

“Japan will continue making its diplomatic efforts toward easing tensions and stabilizing the situation in the Middle East region in coordination with relevant countries and international organizations,” said the statement.

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