Japan's Justice Minister Avoids Commenting on Extradition of ISIS Terrorists

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Justice Minister Kamikawa

By Yuka Osawa
Tokyo- (PanOrient News) Japanese Minister of Justice Yoko Kamikawa avoided commenting on the possibility of Japan requesting the extradition of two ISIS members reportedly arrested this week in the U.S.

"I recognize the case reported in the news. Since it is about private citizens, I would like to refrain from answering,” Minister Kamikawa told a press conference at the ministry building today (13 October).

The U.S. Department of Justice has indicted two British terrorists who belonged to the Islamic State on charges related to the killing of several hostages, including two Japanese. The pair are in FBI custody and will stand trial in the Eastern District of Virginia.

Kamikawa was also asked if Japan plans to bring to justice those responsible for killing Japanese citizens in terror attacks in Syria and Algeria, among other countries.

Japanese people have been victims in terror attacks in various parts of the world. In January 2013, a gas factory in the Ain Aminas area in Algeria was attacked by terrorists led by BelMukhtar and ended with killing as the Algerian military attempted to free the hostages from the terrorists. Of about 40 hostages from many countries, 10 were from Japan. They belonged to the JGC Corporation.

“Regarding the second case [about the Japanese killed in Algeria], I also withhold any comment as it is related to a privacy issue," Minister Kamikawa said without further elaboration.

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