Bon Odori Performed in Tokyo

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Bon Dancing

Tokyo -- This evening is the height of the three-day Obon holiday in Japan and Bon Odori (Bon Dancing) was performed at locations in Tokyo such as Tomioka Hachimangu.

Hosted by an 87-year-old emcee, several dozen dancing groups performed traditional numbers for several minutes each before a respectful audience of onlookers.

Heavily represented were older dancers as well as children.

The Bon holiday has its roots in Buddhism and is a time for honoring one's ancestors and reuniting with family members.

Although the holiday lasts through Sunday, the expressways are already clogged with the vehicles of those returning back to Tokyo.

Obon is one of those periods on the Japanese calendar when almost everyone has time off simultaneously, putting heavy pressure on the nation's transport systems.

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