Prime Minister Kishida says ban on foreigners entering Japan may be extended

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Prime Minister Fumio Kishida

By Khaldon Azhari

PanOrient News- (Tokyo) Prime Minister Fumio Kishida hinted on Tuesday that the ban on foreigners entering Japan might be extended as the danger of the omicron variant is determined.

The Japanese Prime Minister held a press conference in Tokyo following the closing of the extraordinary Diet session.

However, Kishida suggested that quarantine might be moved from special government-designated accommodation to self-isolation at home for returnees from overseas

He said that screening for those infected by COVID-19 is beingenhanced in all prefectures.

“All domestic infected cases will be tested for omicron strains and early detection will be thoroughly carried out," he said. He added that 2 million doses of the new coronavirus oral medicine manufactured by Pfizer have been ordered and "We will prepare for delivery to medical sites early next year."

Kishida also took the opportunity for a bit of self-congratulation: "In the 40 days since the inauguration of the second Kishida Cabinet after the general election, we have taken the lead in the government and ruling parties with a sense of speed at the top of our agenda. Since the supplementary budget passed yesterday(Monday), economic measures amounting to 78.9 trillion yen to overcome corona and to develop a new era will finally be implemented."

However, the Prime Minister dodged questions on Japan refraining to take action in support of the Nuclear Proliferation Treaty by attending an upcoming conference as an observer. He said as long as nuclear states don’t attend, there is a gap that Japan can’t fill

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