The Man who was Standing Behind Omar Suleiman

Friday, February 18, 2011

Cairo- (PanOrient News ) Egyptians are up to their reputation of being funny, sarcastic and turning tragedy into comedy. Jokes are spreading like wildfire about the man who was standing behind former Vice President Omar Suleiman when he announced that President Mubarak would step down.

The mysterious individual standing behind Egypt Vice-President Omar Sulaiman during his speeches throughout the unrest caught people's fancy to such an extent that it spawned a Facebook page titled ‘The Guy Behind Omar Sulaiman'. ‘The Guy Behind Omar Sulaiman' has gone viral on social networking sites and has become a favourite joke in social circles.

A YouTube video also pokes fun at the phenomenon by Photoshopping him behind different leaders and famous people. The sarcasm reached its peak in a group of urgent cables addressed under the title "urgent" broadcast by various media:

- Israeli and U.S. intelligence and al-Qaeda announced they aren't responsible for the man standing behind Omar Suleiman.

- Urgent News: An official source declared that the man who was standing behind Omar Suleiman is the owner of the microphone and is waiting Suleiman to finish his statement to collects his microphone and leave.

- Teacher: what would you like to be when you grow up? Pupil: I want to be the man who stood behind Omar Suleiman.

- Poking fun at Egypt state TV, one tweet said: "Unconfirmed reports that the man standing behind Omar Sulaiman has sat down." .

- After the fame of "The Guy behind Omar Suleiman", Omar Suleiman has decided to change his name to become "the guy in front of the guy behind Omar Suleiman”

Besides the messages and images that have been exchanged, the Egyptians also exchange letters included sarcastic phrases such as:

- What are the two most famous things in Egypt? Al-Tahrir Square and the man standing behind Omar Suleiman.

- A journalist changed the state's motto into “ God, Homeland, and the man who is standing behind Omar Suleiman”.

Social networds' users have also uploaded doctored images of "the guy behind Omar Suleiman" depicting him as a career-ending angel of death, standing behind figures such as Hitler, and appearing behind Al Pacino in the movie Scarface.

However jokes such as this have aroused the anger of many people, especially after it was revealed that "the guy behind Omar Suleiman" was Egyptian army Lieutenant Colonel Hussein Sharif, commander of Group 64 of Egyptian Special Forces. His son identified his father on his Facebook page, and called on people to apologize for their remarks.

While many expressed their regret for ridiculing the army officer, others pointed out that the main justification for this flow of jokes attributed to the Egyptian sense of humor adding that the Egyptian people, naturally laugh at a frowning person.

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