''Sweet Smell Causing Pain'' Lawsuit- Confectionery Factory to Pay 1 Million Yen

Friday, February 18, 2011

Kyoto- (PanOrient News) A confectionery factory in Kyoto, is to pay 935.000 yen (about $11,400) as compensation for "pain and suffering" caused by the sweet smell drifting from the factory, after 17 neighborhood residents filed a lawsuit.

The Kyoto District Court had ordered the company to pay 2.8 million yen last September, but it has now agreed upon 1 million yen.

The judgment says, ''it exceeded the tolerance limit of the residents'', on the unique sweet smell and manufacturing noise.

''The High Court took steps against the annoyance the residents were facing'', Asahi Shimbun quoted the residents' representative attorney.

On the other hand, the company said, ''we decided to pay the settlement money to solve the problem quickly, and not because we accept that settlement that says we should compensate for the smell and noise generated''.

Photo: Japanese sweets

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