CASIO Smart Electronic “memopri” Label Printers

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. has released three models of a new electronic label printer, the “memopri,” on April 20.

The “memopri” MEP-T10/B10/U10 are electronic label printers that link up to your computer via USB to create easy-to-read notes in a variety of fonts. The labels are printed on a special tape with no backing paper, and can be easily affixed and removed like sticky notes.

The MEP-T10 comes equipped with a touch panel, while the MEP-B10 is compatible with Android™ smartphones via Bluetooth® connection.

The new electronic “memopri” label printers allow users to print easy-to-read notes in a variety of computer fonts, create notes quickly by choosing phrases from preset sentences, reprint previously created notes multiple times via the History function, insert dates using the time stamp function and print handwritten memos (T10/B10).

Photo: MEP-T10 (green)/B10 (white)/U10 (black)

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