"Iran Ambassador to Japan criticizes ‘demonization’ of his country"       "Myanmar donates 1.98 million yen to earthquake victims in Japan"       "Excluding Myanmar from Japan’s ASEAN Summit Criticized"       "Japanese Prime Minister asks Iran President to help in release of ship and crew"       "Myanmar makes rice donation to those displaced in the Gaza Strip"      

Iran Ambassador to Japan criticizes ‘demonization’ of his country

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

PanOrient News
TOKYO: On Iran’s National Day, Iranian Ambassador to Japan Peiman Seadat made an address in front of several leading politicians in which he spoke of the need for peace and prosperity in the face of “exclusion and injustice.”

His audience included Digital Minister KONO Taro, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs FUKUZAWA Yoichi and Komei Party leader YAMAGUCHI Natsuo, as well as government officials, members of the Japan-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group, and diplomatic ...

Myanmar donates 1.98 million yen to earthquake victims in Japan

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

TOKYO- (PanOrient News) Myanmar’s Ambassador to Japan has handed over a contribution of 1.98 million yen to the Mayor of Nanao in Ishikawa Prefecture for those affected by the devastating earthquake that struck Japan’s northern coast on New Year’s Day.

The 7.6 magnitude quake in Ishikawa Prefecture left more than 200 people dead, injured many more and left thousands homeless. Myanmar nationals living in the quake-affected area had to take refuge in rescue centers.

The donation cam...

Excluding Myanmar from Japan’s ASEAN Summit Criticized

Monday, December 18, 2023

Courtesy of MOFA)

By Caroline Garcia

TOKYO- Monday December 18, 2023 ( PanOrient News)

Myanmar’s exclusion from the ASEAN-Japan Summit of December 16-18, marking the 50th Year of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, has been criticized by Myanmar’s diplomatic sources as contrary to the very principles of the ASEAN charter. The sources added that Japan’ negativity toward Myanmar ignored the country’s three decades of active participation - a participation that will continue with ASEAN community ...

Japanese Prime Minister asks Iran President to help in release of ship and crew

Sunday, December 3, 2023

PanOrient News

TOKYO: Japanese Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio held a telephone conversation with Iranian President Ayatollah Seyyed Ebrahim Raisi on Saturday and called on the President to help resolve the seizure of a Japanese-operated ship by Houthis in Yemen.

Kishida, who is visiting Dubai for the COP28 climate conference, stated that he unequivocally condemns the Houthis for taking the vessel and called on Iran to urge the Houthis for its early release and the release of its crew membe...