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Japan Iran Joint Statement

Monday, October 12, 2015

Tokyo- (PanOrient News) The following is the full statement issued in Tehran after the meeting of Japan and Iran foreign ministers on October 12, 2015:

Joint Statement by Foreign Ministers of the Islamic Republic of IRAN and JAPAN on Japan-Iran Cooperation

12th October 2015

His Excellency Mr. Fumio Kishida, Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan paid an official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran from 12th to 13th October 2015. During his visit, H.E. Mr. Kishida held a meeting with His Excellency Dr. Javad Zarif, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran. As the two responsible members of the international community, both sides reaffirmed their resolve to play constructive roles when addressing global challenges. Furthermore, both sides discussed concrete paths to further enhance the long standing friendship between I. R. of Iran and Japan and exchanged their views on regional and global issues.

Both sides expressed their intention to continue cooperation on bilateral issues as well as regional and global issues in line with the Joint Communiqué which was issued on 10th November 2013 during H.E. Mr. Kishida's official visit to Tehran and also the Joint Press Release which was issued on 5th March 2014 during the official visit of H.E. Dr. Zarif to Tokyo.

Both sides concurred on the following items of cooperation regarding the strengthening of the bilateral relations. Both sides decided to make further efforts towards the development of bilateral relations.

1. Cooperation to Fully Support the Steady Implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)

Both sides concurred to cooperate in the field of nuclear safety and implementation of IAEA safeguards and transparency measures in order to support Iran in its steady implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in close cooperation with the IAEA, within the implementation process of the final agreement (JCPOA) concerning the Iranian nuclear issue. After Implementation Day as defined by the JCPOA, both sides will coordinate towards the implementation of;

(1) providing opportunity for the personnel of Iranian regulatory authority and experts to study the importance of post-accident response and anti-seismic structure for enhancing nuclear safety;

(2) dispatching experts and offering training programs as a support to establish the Nuclear Safety Centre as referred to in the JCPOA, and;

(3) supporting human resources development through training programs in the field centering on accounting for and control of nuclear material.

2. Substantial Agreement in the Negotiations on I.R.of Iran and Japan Investment Agreement

Both sides welcomed that a substantial agreement was reached in the negotiations on the bilateral investment agreement (BIT) between I.R. of Iran and Japan, which had been started, since September 2015, with the aim of providing protection for the investors of both sides towards further strengthening of the Iran and Japan economic relationship. Both sides affirmed that further efforts will be made for the earliest possible conclusion and entry into force.

3. Establishment of Iran-Japan Cooperation Council

Both sides concurred to establish “Iran-Japan Cooperation Council” which overviews and encompasses a wide variety of bilateral cooperation in order to strengthen and expand it comprehensively through coordinating and sharing of information among related ministries and agencies. Both sides will establish working groups on such cooperative areas as environment, economic cooperation, trade and investment, and healthcare, and further strengthen and improve the cooperation as indicated in the Attachment.

Photo: Courtesy of Irna News Agency

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